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roddy-bg My name is Radostina Georgieva, "Roddy".
I live in California.
I enjoy travelling, reading books, listening to music, going to the movies.
I am constantly looking for ways to challenge myself, learn, and grow.


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The ancient sage believe that the ideal site for a house should be supported by hills at the back and have a clear uncluttered view in front. In addition, the land (or hill) on the left (looking out the facing) should be higher than that on the right. This formation is known as the Four Celestial Animals.

The hill formation at the back is known as the Black Turtle. The clear uncluttered area in front which should ideally include a slow meandering river (pond or lake) or a distance low mountain is called the Red Phoenix. The hill formation on the left is known as the Green Feng Shui Dragon while the formation on the right is known as the White Tiger.
feng shui dragon turtle

Lush green mountains are carrier of life giving qi while water is an accumulator. This formation of mountains and rivers help to accumulate life sustaining 'qi'. Gentle wind carries the qi into the house as well as the areas surrounding it and occupants of the house can tap this beneficial 'qi' resulting in better health and greater vitality.

In urban areas, the Black Feng Shui Turtle, Green Feng Shui Dragon and White Tiger can be substituted by buildings or trees. The Red Phoenix can be an open area or a fountain.