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roddy-bg My name is Radostina Georgieva, "Roddy".
I live in California.
I enjoy travelling, reading books, listening to music, going to the movies.
I am constantly looking for ways to challenge myself, learn, and grow.


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The ancient Chinese believe that our path in life, whether smooth of bumpy, is determined by a combination of destiny, luck and feng shui.

Destiny Luck is largely determined at birth. For example, if you are born tall, then you have a much greater chance of becoming a successful basketball player than someone else who is short. If you have loving parents who are also well to do, you will more opportunities than someone who come from a poorer or troubled family.

Next comes the time factor. The ancient belief that we will have good and bad periods throughout our lives. This pattern is determined by your place, date and time of birth. Using destiny analysis systems like Ba Zi or Zi Wei Dou Shu, these patterns can be accurately predicted.

Timing luck is as important as destiny luck. If you have strong destiny luck but poor timing luck, it is like having a Ferrari but forced to drive on bumpy and unpaved road! You can still make it but not without the challenges.

The third factor is Feng Shui. Good Feng Shui can give your a boost during the good periods or support you when times are bad. Bad Feng Shui, on the other hand can make life really miserable when you timing luck is down!

In addition to the above, the ancient believe that you can positive influence your luck by accumulating good deeds (by helping others in need) and through the acquisition and application of knowledge!

Remember, first destiny, second luck cycle, third Feng Shui, fourth accumulation of good deeds and fifth, knowledge!