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roddy-bg My name is Radostina Georgieva, "Roddy".
I live in California.
I enjoy travelling, reading books, listening to music, going to the movies.
I am constantly looking for ways to challenge myself, learn, and grow.


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Nokia N900

Nokia did it again and I am in love... again.

A snake is capable of eating an animal 4 times larger than the width of its own head. Most varieties of snake can go an entire year without eating a single morsel of food.

Bates Methods for Eyesight Imp

So, what’s this all about? It all started with William Bates, ophthalmologist, who first published his ideas in Better Eyesight magazine, in the 1920’s. As he treated his patients, Bates noticed that contrary to what he was taught in optometry school, people’s vision did vary from day to day; astigmatisms did change or disappear.

Marvell's wall plug computer

Marvell on Tuesday introduced a new kind of personal computer, called SheevaPlug, along with its Plug Computing initiative. The idea is to make make a high-performance, ultracompact, and green computer that consumers can plug right into a wall power socket.

Baby's Body
Babies are born without kneecaps; they don’t appear until the ages of 2-6 months old.

The name of the game may originate from the days of its origins in Scotland, when it was strictly a "Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden" sport - hence GOLF

Michael Crichton 1942 - 2008
Michael Crichton died unexpectedly in Los Angeles Tuesday, November 4, 2008 after a courageous and private battle against cancer.

Dolphins jump out of the water to conserve energy. It is easier to move through the air than through the water

Human Body

Did you know that at birth a newborn baby has approximately 270 bones, whereas on average an adult human has 206 bones (these numbers can vary slightly from individual to individual)?

Glow-in-the-dark Cat

I saw a glowi-in-the-dark cat today on TV and I was shocked. The cat has a jellyfish gene, hence the glowing in the dark. I welcome the technical progress and innovations but I find this one on the extreme side. What's next? Maybe, a puppy with chameleon genes that changes its color in accordance with its owner outfit. This reminds me very much of Michael Crichton's book "Next". I really wonder what's next. Btw. the cat's name is Mr. Green Genes. Cute, isn't it?

Random records in MySQL

There is a very easy way to retrieve random records in MySQL. You just need to use the following query:


Very cool

How to calculate Julian dates?

The Julian date (JD) is the interval of time in days and fractions of a day, since 4713 B.C. January 1, Greenwich noon


Cleopatra was part Macedonian, part Greek, and part Iranian. She was not Egyptian.


The ant has the largest brain in the animal kingdom, in proportion to its size. An ant can lift 50 times its own weight, which is equivalent to a human being pulling a 10-ton trailer.

Nokia Morph

I saw the new Nokia concept today, Nokia Morph, and I was wowed.

Nokia Morph is a concept of a cell phone that will uses nanotechnolgies and all of their advantages. Here's what it will look like:

Old thermometers

Dating back to the 1600s, thermometers were filled with brandy instead of mercury.

New GMail functionality - Mail

I was really cheered up by an article I read about the new Google Mail functionality. According to the article, GMail will ask you arithmetic questions during predefined hours of the day and night (defaulting to Friday and Saturday nights) if you try to send an email during these hours.

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